We develop the first contactless solution for
fall and emergency detection in healthcare without compromising privacy.

Here’s how it works

In each room (e.g. bedroom, bathroom) of the person in need of protection, a single sensor device is installed, for example, on the ceiling. The sensor device collects the following measured values without contact:

  • general room parameters (CO2, humidity, room temperature, etc.
  • motion activity values

All data is encrypted by the sensor device, anonymized and transmitted in real time to Sedimentum’s AI software. Based on the transmitted data, the AI software learns the “physical” reference state of the vulnerable person living in the room. This learning process takes 24 hours. If an irregularity in the data subsequently occurs, e.g. triggered by a fall, an alert is sended in real time for the attention of third parties (e.g. nursing staff in elderly homes).
In order to guarantee the privacy of the person to be protected, a sophisticated anonymisation procedure has been developed, which enables completely anonymous data processing. This is a unique form of data anonymisation that fully complies with the applicable data protection requirements.

No wearables.
No microphone.
No cameras.

For the contactless detection of falls and similar anomalies, artificial intelligence is used in combination with smart sensors.

All data collected by Sedimentum are kept and processed in Switzerland and are completely anonymised. The specially developed machine-learning algorithms analyse the individual data of the person living in the room and alert the responsible caregivers in case of critical events.

About Sedimentum.

Sedimentum AG is a healthcare start-up that has developed a technological protection mechanism to ensure the physical safety of unattended persons. This solution is suitable, among other things, for supporting and relieving the burden on nursing staff in psychiatric clinics, nursing homes for the elderly and other third parties, such as relatives of senior citizens. These caregivers are informed in real time about irregularities (e.g. falls) and are thus enabled to take the necessary measures to protect the unsupervised persons in time.

Our team.

Sandro Cilurzo

CEO & Founder

Eugenie Nicoud

COO & Co-Founder

Immanuel Zerbini

CTO & Co-Founder

Philipp Koster

Full Stack Software Engineer

Arthur Habicht

Machine Learning Engineer & Researcher

Dominic Staufer

Hardware Engineer

Roman Böhni

VR & Co-Founder

Marco Wyrsch

VR & Advisor


Cuteness Development Engineer

Partner and supporter.

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