Sedimentum protects your privacy or the privacy of your loved ones

In order to guarantee privacy, Sedimentum has developed a sophisticated data anonymization procedure, which allows a completely anonymous data processing.

Each individual has a fundamental right to privacy and autonomy.

Therefore, we do our all to protect the privacy of our users. We protect vulnerable people not only physically but also in terms of their privacy. Therefore we develop all our products strictly according to the principle Privacy by Design. Data protection and privacy is already taken into account during the design and development of our software and hardware.

Data Storage in Switzerland

All data is processed and stored in data centers of Swiss service providers.


Sedimentum's anonymization procedure allows a complete anonymous data processing.

Compliant with data protection laws

We protect data entirely, so that our customers are compliant with the new data protection regulation (GDPR).

Protection of privacy - This is what Sedimentum stands for

Health data is extremely sensitive. Therefore, Sedimentum has developed an innovative and novel data anonymization procedure. Through the new data anonymization procedure, all data is processed completely anonymously. In this way, privacy is guaranteed at its best. Protecting human privacy - this is what Sedimentum stands for.

Cooperation with HOPR

„HOPR hat diese innovative Open-Source-Technologie entwickelt, die von datenschutzaffinen Software Entwicklern, auf der ganzen Welt genutzt werden kann“, sagte Sandro Cilurzo, Gründer und CEO von Sedimentum. „Die Lösung von HOPR ist in unserem neuartigen Anonymisierungsverfahren integriert und stellt ein wichtiges Element zur Gewährleistung der Privatsphäre schutzbedürftiger Personen dar.”

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