Frequently asked questions - FAQ

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What does the Sedimentum solution contain?

The product consists of a sensor device and a software. The software is available in different versions.

Where can Sedimentum products be purchased?

Sedimentum's products are currently only available for business customers. If you are interested please send us an e-mail or call us at +41 78 913 36 65.

Where to install the Sensor-Device?

The Sensor-Device is placed either on the wall or on the ceiling and needs electricity access. Similar to a lamp.

How many sensor devices are necessary?

Per room (25qm) one Sensor-Device is needed.

What kind of infrastructure is required for the implementation of Sedimentum's SAFE-living solution?

It only requires physical installation on the ceiling or wall. Nothing else needs to be installed. Depending on the requirements, the products can be integrated into existing IT systems with an API.

Does the sensor device also detect falls behind a glass or plastic wall, such as a fall in the shower?

Yes, the Sensor-Device detects different types of falls in the room.

How long does it take until the alarm is triggered after a fall?

The alarm is triggered in real time, i.e. within a few milliseconds after a fall event.

Who will be alerted?

The alarm system is individually selectable and configurable. Depending on your choice, for example, relatives or nursing staff can be alerted.

Must the Sensor-Device be actively operated?

No. No interactions are required. The sensor device and software operate fully automated and independently and 24/7.

How is data protection guaranteed?

Our sensor device does not contain a microphone or camera, since audio and image data can be used to draw direct conclusions about a person. By using our sensors, we only measure room parameters and movement patterns, which are anonymized in a unique way by our novel data anonymization process. It is therefore not possible to identify a person.

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored and processed exclusively in Swiss data centers.