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CHF 49 per month.

Discover a new dimension of safety and flexibility.

How does it work?

The mobile emergency detectors are placed in three key areas of your home, such as the bedroom, hallway, and living room, on a furniture piece. They can be effortlessly connected to a power source and Wi-Fi (Plug & Play).

The emergency detectors automatically trigger a call for help in potentially critical situations such as not leaving the bedroom in the morning and other unusual activity, as well as in the event of an intrusion

If an emergency is detected or help is actively called via the SAFE-living app, our 24/7 emergency call center is notified. The emergency center first tries to reach the person at risk by phone. If the phone is not answered, the emergency contacts that have been registered in the SAFE-living app will be notified by phone. If no one can help, the ambulance will be called.


No camera and
no microphone

Works also in the dark

It is placed on a piece of furniture



The emergency detectors respond when residents are no longer able to move.



SAFE-living automatically calls for help if unauthorized individuals enter your home when you are not at home.



Plug in and get started.


SAFE-living App

The SAFE-living app includes a digital SOS emergency button with GPS functionality.

Comes with our additional SAFE-living app

The accompanying SAFE-living app provides additional features for both you and your loved ones. With the SAFE-living app, you can conveniently store your emergency contacts, and individuals in need can easily request help from anywhere using the digital SOS button equipped with GPS functionality. Furthermore, the app’s activity index allows your family members to check on the well-being of their loved ones at home at any time.


We have called
help for you


Your emergency contacts
will be notified.

Easy to use

When an emergency is detected at home, help is automatically dispatched. The alert can also be canceled at any time if assistance is not required.


Explore the app for additional features related to ‘Safe Living at Home’.


Simply define in the app who should be alerted and in what order. In case of an emergency, your personal contacts, which you have entered in the app, will be automatically notified. You can add as many users in the app as you want.

Features for family members

Family members have the ability to check the well-being of their loved ones at home at any time through the app.

Digital emergency button

When an emergency call is initiated through the app, the 24/7 emergency call center is immediately notified. The GPS coordinates of the individual in need are simultaneously transmitted, ensuring accurate location information.

24/7-emergency-response included in the subscription fee