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Worldwide, over 16 million people fall at home each year and need immediate medical attention. 82% of seniors’ falls occur when home alone. Nowadays, a part of the older population already owns an emergency system. However, in 8 out of 10 cases, these systems are not put to use at all since either the person has lost consciousness, can’t stand up anymore, or can’t reach the button. It’s not the fall which is dangerous but the time gap until help arrives. Immediate medical care not only prevents severe complications such as thrombosis or muscle and tissue damage but also minimizes long-term injuries or even saves lives.

Precisely with this detrimental chain of events in mind, Sedimentum has developed the SAFE-living solution, which automatically calls for help when it is most needed. 

With the combination of intelligent, contactless emergency detectors and automatic alerts, SAFE-living provides safety at home around the clock.

Because saving time, saves lives

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Sandro Cilurzo


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