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The first contactless and intelligent emergency detector for a self-empowered life at home.


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SAFE-living for your home

Intelligent, contactless emergency detector combined with automatic alerting in an all-inclusive carefree service package.

For an independent, safer, and longer life at home!


Automatically calls for help in case of falls and other possible emergencies (e.g. not leaving the bedroom, long stays in the bathroom, etc.).

peace of mind for everyone

Family members can always check the app to see if their loved one is doing okay at home.


Get the help you need, automatically


No active operation


Nothing to wear, no charging


No microphone, no camera


Works also in the dark


Made in Switzerland

What our customers say

Thanks to the contactless fall detector from Sedimentum, I feel safe at home and know that I can get help without pressing a button. With the accompanying app, I have the possibility to involve family members, friends and acquaintances, should I need help. In addition, the installation of the fall detectors on the ceiling at my home was uncomplicated and quick, Sedimentum took care of everything.

B. Kathriner

B. Kathriner

After my stroke, when I layed undetected on the floor for over 4 hours after several falls and had to stay at the hospital and rehab afterwards for numerous months, my view has changed completely. Thanks to the passive safety offered by the Sedimentum fall detectors, I now feel safer and at the same time this relieves my relatives, who can monitor how I am doing at any time in the accompanying Sedimentum app. If I had installed Sedimentum’s fall detectors before the stroke, my healing process would have been much more positive and faster – time is brain. It is very important to be able to help people more easy and efficiently in the future in situations where life or death is at stake. We have the technology for this!

Kai Saeger

Kai Saeger

I have had the Sedimentum emergency detectors installed in my home for a few weeks now. I like to call the emergency detectors “my partners” who take care of me at home. Since I installed the emergency detectors, I feel safer and know that I will receive help quickly in case of a fall. 

Fritz N.

Fritz N.

I’ ve had problems with my balance for a few years now and have therefore had a number of falls. Shortly after the death of my wife, I once laid unconscious in the bathroom. That’s when my grandson, who works for the Sedimentum, introduced me to their product and that’s how I decided to buy SAFE-living. SAFE-living not only alarms in case of an emergency. It is also possible for my relatives to see over the app if I am doing ok. Thanks to this possibility, I feel cared for day and night, and my relatives have peace of mind.

Alfred E

Alfred E

My grandparents are very active and tend to go out a lot. If one person is not at home, SAFE-living takes care of the person at home who is alone. Thanks to the SAFE-living app, we always know if everything is okay, even if the grandparents don’t answer a call. For us as relatives, this is a great relief, and at the same time our grandparents feel safer.

Joel Salzmann

Joel Salzmann

After a long search, we found the perfect solution for my father. A solution that he doesn’t have to carry around with him, that doesn’t stigmatise him and that works reliably. Thanks to the accompanying SAFE-living app, I and my siblings know at all times how our father is doing. This is an enormous relief for me, for him and for our entire family. We are all thrilled about the SAFE-living solution and would not want to be without it.

Rita B.

Rita B.

In our family, the SAFE-living app is used regularly throughout three generations. This allows everyone to play a part in the well-being of my grandfather, and personally I feel closer to him, despite my stressful everyday life. The SAFE-living solution means more safety and peace of mind for all of us.

Reto B.

Reto B.

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    SAFE-living Compared

    SAFE-living works simply, reliably and automatically – without the need to wear or operate anything.





    Emergency button

    Emergency button

    Automatic contactless fall detection in private homes

    Alerting of the 24/7 emergency call centre with GPS location.

    Preventive alert for other critical situations.

    Peace of mind for care givers at their fingertips (e.g. relatives)

    24/7-Sedimentum-emergency-response centre
    included in the subscription fee

    Frequently asked - FAQ

    What if I or the care receiver does not have a smartphone?

    If the care receiver does not have a smartphone, this is not a problem. In this case, the alert is sent directly to our 24/7 emergency call response organisation.

    What if I don't have WiFi at home?

    If you do not have WiFi, then we will assist you in the purchase of a WiFi.

    I'm not that technically savvy.

    You will receive detailed instructions on the day of the installation. If any questions should come up afterwards, we will of course be there for you.

    How are the emergency detectors installed?

    Drilling two holes on the ceiling per emergency detector or gluing them to the ceiling and connecting them to the electricity. The installation is done by our electrician.

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