automatic alerting

the alert is activated automatically, even if the person is unconscious

detects all kinds of falls

detects contactless slow falls, rapid falls, etc.

protection of privacy

data storage and processing in Switzerland

installation on the ceiling or wall

in each room one device is installed, like a smoke detector

Sedimentum protects privacy and supports a natural independent life.

Sedimentum develops the first contactless solution for fall and emergency detection in healthcare without compromising privacy.

Here's how it works.

A single sensor device is installed in each room (e.g. bedroom, bathroom) of the person in need of protection, for example, on the ceiling. The sensor device contactlessly collects the following measurements:

  • room parameters (CO2, humidity, etc.)
  • motion activity values

All data is anonymised by the sensor device, encrypted and transmitted in real time to Sedimentum’s AI software. The AI software learns the «reference state» of the room based on the transmitted data. If an irregularity in the data subsequently occurs, e.g. triggered by a fall, third parties (e.g. nursing staff in retirement homes) are notified by an alert sent in real time.
In order to guarantee the privacy of the person to be protected, a sophisticated anonymisation procedure has been developed, which enables completely anonymous data processing.


This revolutionary technological solution will make the lives of thousands of people safer and more independent in the future - and all of this in a completely automated way. The solution consists out of a sensor device and a software. The software is available in two different versions. Below is an overview of the corresponding functionalities visible:

Features SAFE-living SAFE-health
room parameters measurement
contactless fall detection
alerting when a fall occurs
contactless vital signs measurement
real-time detection of health critical events (stop breathing, etc.)
For contactless detection of falls and similar anomalies, artificial intelligence is used in combination with smart sensors.
Alle von Sedimentum erfassten Daten werden in der Schweiz gehalten, verarbeitet und dies komplett anonymisiert. Die eigens entwickelten Machine-Learning Algorithmen analysieren die individuellen Daten der jeweiligen Räumlichkeit und alarmiert bei kritischen Ereignissen die jeweils zuständigen Obhutspersonen.

Our advantages

How does the product of Sedimentum differ from other existing solutions? It is 100% contactless, doesn’t have to be operated actively or charged and detects all kinds of falls.


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